Gay Porn Town Free Webpage Hosting - Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What do I have to pay for this "FREE" service?
A - Our service is completely, 100% free. Our Banner ads pay all your costs.
(You can have banner ads removed for $19.95 a month)

Q - How many banners go on my site, and how big are they?
A - Check out the Front Page for a list of our current members to see their site with banner advertisements.

Q - How do I know you guys won't close down like other free hosts?
A - We have been in the free hosting business since 1998 but also provide other means to subsidize expenses, should freehosting not be enough to cover our operating expenses. Many freehosting websites have gone out of business, but we just keep growing!


Q - Can I have other banners on my pages besides yours?
A - Yes, you can do whatever you like with your pages, but our banners must not be altered or removed.

Q - Does my site HAVE to be gay oriented?
A - Yes. This is a gay ONLY hosting service.
If your looking for a good straight/lesbian Adult Host, try

Q - Where do I find banner advertisements to make myself some extra money?
A - Gay-Pay offers many choices: Click Here.

Q - Can I run whatever kind of site I want?

A - No, all sites must be a gay adult site. Sites that contain straight content (women or lesbians), child pornography, bestiality, warez, mp3s, or passwords are not permitted.

Q - Can I have my own domain name?

A - Yes, for an additional monthly charge.
$9.95 a month for domain hosting/redirection
$4.95 for sub-domain (

Q - What do I do if I have other question I need answered?

A - Simply E-Mail Us your question, but make sure to include your username and village name in the message